About Me

First Name: Kimberly

Last Name: D

I am a female just to tell you and i am so sorry taken.. About Me: Annoying, Nice, Funny, Cool, Pretty, Fun, Playful, Hyper, Computer addict, Smart, Crazy, Know A Lot Of People, Blab Peoples Secrets, Baseball/Soccer Person, Nintendo Addict, Mario Fan, Birthday is Febuary 9th 19- none of your business, Stupid, Wierd, Awesome, Wii Addict,  Shopaholic (if thats a word), laughing probemo, loves writing/typing, traveling, Jonas Brothers, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, Instant Messaging, watching TV, Watching Filipino Shows, biking, tetherball, The Beatles, Camp Rock. Not Really A Book Person. God, Animals. My Job is being an estudante, i am still in school, loves Chicago and New York, am a sandicaligirl, my company is HeyKim Corporation. My hometown is the Philippines

History of Kim: I was born on Febuary 9th 19-like i said none of your business in THE PHILIPPINES!! Then August in the same year 6 months old moved to San Diego, CA. Met My cousins. They say that i didnt talk much when i was little. As I grew older my Dad And Mom attened me in Hickman School. A poor school. I was good in class. In Fourth Grade I was real smarter than the other grades. I had Proficent and Advanced levels. Historic Places of Kim: San Diego, Mira Mesa. Can’t talk more because I want to have a good vacation y’all who reads this.

                                      This Has Been Another HeyKim Corporation


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